Why silver investors should stay away from silver coins

There is nothing wrong with collecting coins if you ARE ALREADY A MILLIONAIRE. If you are not then you need to sell your coin collection right now to the highest bidders.

-Posted by Alejandro Guillú Mendoza


This article tries to explain in a simple way to readers without a college degree in economics or finance some macro economic factors that are currently changing the global supply and demand of silver.

Ground rules

Silver coins ARE NOT INVESTMENTS. Silver coins are still minted by countries to satisfy the unlimited demand for numismatists around the world. When you acquire a silver coin you are not only paying for the precious metal itself but also for the graphic design and for the minting.

Countries make billions of dollars each year buying silver by the ton and reselling it as coins.

There is nothing wrong with collecting coins if you ARE ALREADY A MILLIONAIRE. If you are not then you need to sell your coin collection right now to the highest bidders.

The problem with silver coins is that you need to pay for insurance each year and that cost eats some of your profits.

If you want to invest in silver then you need to buy either a silver mine or the ETF SLV. There are other financial instruments for more sophisticated investors that I am not going to cover in this article. If you want me to write about them then drop me a line.

Does Apple buys a lot of silver?

Silver is the best conductor for electricity, and in some cases the cost is not as important and it is used instead of copper which is cheaper (i.e. for small, complex electronics). One easy way to predict if we will buy more technologically advanced things made with silver is to closely watch the global GDP. If the world is expanding then it is likely that we will build more expensive things made with silver.

You can read the World Economic Outlook published by the IMF.

If you want to invest in silver, then you need to keep an eye on the price of copper because this metal is used only because silver is too expensive. If the price of copper starts to rise too much, then some companies may just decide to switch to silver.

Obviously, this is just a theoretical point. In reality, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico won’t let that happen, and they will just lend billions of dollars to publicly-traded copper mining companies to keep the price of copper low.

Digital cameras for everybody

Silver nitrate has always been used for photographs, and over half of all the silver mined was used for this before the digital camera was invented. This number is getting smaller and smaller every year, and one day we won’t use silver nitrate anymore. That would increase the number of silver available for other industrial uses bringing down the price of silver in the future.

If you are a politician in a country with a very limited supply of silver, then you need to reduce the demand for silver nitrate in your country as much as you can with the expansion of access to digital cameras to the general population.

Let companies like Nikon, Olympus and Canon import digital cameras without paying any taxes.

Allow these companies to issue Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay and JCB credit cards to buy their digital cameras insured by the government.

More than 90% of the world’s silver is produced in Mexico, Peru, China, Australia, Russia, Chile, Bolivia, Poland, the United States and Canada. If these countries reduce their own consumption in silver nitrate, then they will have more silver for export.

As you can see, the price of silver is not really about finding more silver mines but about finding smarter ways to use LESS SILVER.

What is the Protect our Silverware Act?

Most people with silver jewelry, silverware or silver coins are wealthy, and they don’t lose any money every time a burglar enters their house because they’re reimbursed by insurance. The rest of us are hurt by the insurance companies because every time they write a check to pay for these crimes, they increase the bill for all of us.

If less silver is stolen then the prices we pay to protect our homes will be reduced over time.

It is a known fact that burglars only steal from you when you are not home. A very popular trick among thieves is to call everybody until you get an answering machine. I strongly suggest you to get rid of your answering machine and just reroute your old telephone to a cell phone answered by one of your employees in China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia or Mexico.

You can hire one on Elance for just a few cents per hour.

I propose a new law that will force any silver seller to register every silver buyer into a national database and each silver holder will be forced to hire a silver sitter when they are not home.

Let’s say that you are going to leave town for a few days on business. You call the Silver Police and they will send you an employee that will stay in your home for a few days until you return. Each silver holder will pay a “Silver Police Tax” each time he buys something made of silver to pay for this new Police Department.

This will reduce crime among families holding silver and will also reduce unemployment.


I believe these 10 countries will enact new smarter laws to keep the domestic supply of silver very tight and will also increase silver exports to other least developed countries with more loans to small businesses exporting jewelry and mirrors and other clever measures like a silver stamp that you can use to ship any item made of silver to an eBay or Amazon buyer in another country.

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