Should I invest in Agritek Holdings Inc. (AGTK) stock?

Here are three reasons to invest in Agritek Holdings Inc. stock (AGTK) and three reasons to avoid it.

What does Agritek Holdings Inc. (AGTK) do?

Agritek Holdings has its hand in a lot of pots. It markets vapes under the Mont Blunt label. It also operates two subsidiaries: Agritek Venture Holdings, Inc., which holds pot-related land acquisitions and leases and The American Hemp Trading, Inc., which aims to produce “hemp-based beverages and products.” In general, the company’s aiming to become “a leader in compassionate care technology for the medical marijuana industry.” According to investor relations literature, “the company presently owns 80 acres of agricultural land in Colorado as well as acreage in Florida and plans to be the first Company to truly provide managed agricultural facilities, infrastructure, and greenhouse technology to licensed and regulated growers within the sector in both states.”

Three reasons NOT to invest in Agritek Holdings Inc. stock (AGTK)

1) Dead websites. As of this writing, I get an “account suspended” warning when I try to visit Agritek’s website at The website for Mont Blunt is dead as well. That means one of two things: 1) the company has suspended operations; 2) the company’s behind on its hosting payment (a fact that doesn’t bode particularly well for the company’s operations).

2) Going concern? As of March 31, 2016, AGTK had total assets of $97,855 against total liabilities of $1.4 million. Cash on hand (and equivalents) was a mere $5,700. Worse yet, the company’s total stockholders’ deficit is just shy of $14 million! Per Agritek’s latest 10Q filing: “The Company had an accumulated deficit at March 31, 2016, a net loss and net cash used in operating activities for the reporting period then ended. These conditions raise substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern. The Company is attempting to produce sufficient revenue; however, the Company’s cash position may not be sufficient to support its daily operations. While the Company believes in the viability of its strategy to produce sufficient revenue and in its ability to raise additional funds, there can be no assurances to that effect.”

3) Penny stock. Agritek Holdings Inc. is a penny stock. Most penny stocks are thinly traded, and Agritek’s no exception. Some 3 million shares of AGTK trade hands every day. That sounds like a lot until you consider the stock’s price at $0.0025. Even if 3 million shares of AGTK trade hands in a given day, that’s only $7,500 worth of stock!

Three reasons to invest in Agritek Holdings Inc. stock (AGTK)

1) A new direction? Last month, AGTK announced a partnership with – an online marketplace where patients and recreational users can place online marijuana orders with local disensaries. “The parties have agreed on a 30% revenue share on a $3.75 transaction fee with additional revenues to be shared through advertising models, non-cannabis product sales and doctor’s appointment setting and record management fees.” Depending on volumes at WoahStork, this could be the source of revenue AGTK needs to stay afloat. “It is about time we get back to our original roots as being one of the first public Companies within the cannabis sector focusing on technology, storage of patient records and financial transactions within the industry,” CEO B. Michael Friedman said at the time. “We chose to partner with WoahStork creating a partnership with a high barrier of entry on the technology side as they have created technology far more advanced than a social media forum for cannabis or a delivery service.”

2) A “pure play” on pot. There aren’t a whole lot of stocks that give investors direct exposure to the medical and recreational marijuana industry. AGTK fits the bill, and it does it in a wide array of ways: from land holdings to an online cannabis-ordering platform.

3) Monetary damages on the way? In April (on 4/20/16, of course), Agritek Holdings announced a cease and desist and pending law suit against former CEO Justin Braune (now of Vape Holdings). Agritek alleges “the present vaporizer device and cartridge being sold as Vape Holding’s ‘Revival Vape’s’ product line was designed and developed during Mr. Braune’s tenure as Chief Executive Officer of Agritek Holdings under the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary Prohibition Products Inc. with Mr. Braune as President of Prohibition Products.” Agritek was preparing a law suit against Vape Holdings and Mr. Braune for “intellectual property infringement and violation of Mr. Braune’s employment agreement under non-compete clauses.” It’s unclear whether that lawsuit was filed. If so, there’s a chance (however slim) that Agritek could collect some monetary damages down the road.

Should I buy Agritek Holdings Inc. stock (AGTK)?

Getting in on Agritek’s real estate holdings and its partnership with is tempting, but the company’s financial position looks too tenuous. Couple that with a pending lawsuit against the company’s former CEO, an offline website and no proven revenue streams, and AGTK looks like the longest of long shots. I’d stay clear until they prove they can generate some revenue.

Nano-cap stocks are stocks with a market capitalization of $50 million or less. Check out more of my write-ups on nano-cap stocks here and marijuana stocks here. Full disclosure: I do not own a position in AGTK, and I do not plan to initiate one in the next 72 hours.